“The Dirty Dozen” Graduates

by Ashley Zilka on October 7, 2011 at 11:40 am

Known as "The Dirty Dozen," Zane State College graduated its first group of oil and gas field employees through a partnership with Retrain America.

The group of classmates completed a two-week, 80-hour Shale Exploration Certification course through Zane State College in Cambridge. President of Zane State Dr. Paul Brown says the course is offered to provide students with a short-term intensive training. He says the course gives them the fundamentals of working on a drilling pad and doing it safely.

"These people are pioneers. They are going to be in the new generation of gas and oil workers. They are the first of tens of thousands that are going to work in this particular industry," said Dr. Paul Brown. 

Dr. Paul Brown says the collaboration between Retrain America and Zane State College is allowing students to really take advantage of this job opportunity in the state of Ohio. Graduate Miles Bentley is living-proof of the program’s success. He will soon work at a drilling site near Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

"I am actually going later today to fill out all the tax paperwork and stuff like that for the job. I have had a couple of offers and this is the one I’m choosing out of it," said Bentley. 

The next group of students will start the course on Halloween.