Thompson Farm Caretaker Speaks Exclusively to WHIZ-TV

by Mark Bullion on October 19, 2011 at 9:57 am

The caretaker of the Thompson farm has spoken to WHIZ exclusively and wishes things were done a bit differently.

Caretaker John Moore has a long history on the Thompson farm and has raised many of the animals since they were born. He says he wishes authorities gave him a chance to save some of the lions and tigers.

"If he just gave me some time, I could put most of those cats away. When you feed them everyday, 10 below zero and you’re out there feeding those cats, and watering those cats, they know you, and they are willing to do whatever you tell them to do. I didn’t get that opportunity," said Moore.

While Moore disagrees with the way authorities handled the situation with the lions and tigers, he knows the other animals were far too dangerous to handle once they were out of their cage.

"Mountain lions, grizzly bears, black bears, yes, totally understand, put them down, they are nothing to fool with. Once they are outside that cage, they are a whole different animal, you can’t trust them. You can’t deal with them, you have to put them down," said Moore.

Moore says of the animals that were taken to the Columbus Zoo, he plans to try and get them back since he has legal permits to own them.