‘We Are Ohio’ Hits the Road, Stopping in Zanesville

by Danielle Cotterman on October 7, 2011 at 4:09 am

The ‘We Are Ohio’ Campaign is traveling statewide to promote a vote no on Issue 2.

Friday the tour stopped in Zanesville. Ditty’s Deli was one of the first local businesses to sign up for the Proud Ohio Workers Program as an opportunity for local business owners to show their support for public and private employees.

"Here locally the city and the workers, they’ve constantly given as much as they could," said Ditty’s Deli Owner D.J Dittmar. "I just feel big business and governments kind of run, outsourced all the jobs they possibly can, what’s left is jobs they can’t possibly outsource… teaching, fire, police especially, I mean we have to have them."

‘The Peoples Road Trip’ will travel four days, stopping at 9 major Ohio cities. Cincinnati Fire Fighter Doug Stern was on board. You may recognize him from the first commercial advertising a no vote on Issue 2.

"If we’re not safe doing our job we can’t assure the publics going to be safe as well," said Stern. "We’re going to do our level best but if politicians won’t give us the tools we need we’re not going to be able to help people as much as we could."

Supporters of Issue 2 and Senate Bill 5 say the new law – which limits collective bargaining for the state’s public employees — is vital for the survival of the state’s economy.