We Are Ohio Supports Study on Issue 2

by Kelly Choate on October 18, 2011 at 5:34 am

Three weeks from Tuesday, voters will head to the polls and make a decision on Issue 2.

The We Are Ohio campaign is trying to spread its message by backing a report compiled by freelance writer TC Brown.  According to the report, public union workers have saved taxpayers more than one billion dollars through collective bargaining concessions since 2008.  Regional Communications Director for We Are Ohio Meredith Tucker said this study proves that public employees are problem solvers.

"I think people are going to see these numbers and understand that they have given so much, not only in their professions, but through these huge concessions," said Tucker.  "I think they’re going to be even more encouraged to vote no on Issue 2."

Tucker said the impact of these sacrifices can be seen in our own neighborhoods.  Zanesville Firefighter Trevor Meek said his department put together a plan outlining how thousands of dollars in overtime can be saved through staffing changes and other measures.

"It’s firefighters who are actively searching the internet and making phone calls to their connections," said Meek.  "We’re able to locate grants, and we’ve even written some of the grants for the Zanesville Fire Department."

Issue 2 is a referendum on Senate Bill 5, a controversial new law that made changes to a variety of government laws and policies.  For a copy of the report, you can contact We Are Ohio at region8@weareohio.com.