Yuengling Arrives in Ohio After 182 Years

by Kelly Choate on October 3, 2011 at 5:55 am

It’s been called the biggest beer release since Coors expanded in 1981.  On Monday, Ohio became the 14th state to sell Yuengling beer.  For a local beer connoisseur, 11 AM couldn’t come soon enough.

"I yelled through the house – it’s Yuengling day!" said Sherrie Johnson.  "I told my husband that it feels like Christmas.  I’m so excited, because I’m going to get my gift today."

The wait is over – Yuengling is hitting the shelves in Ohio, and the popular lager is already brewing excitement in Zanesville.

"When it was announced that they were bringing it into Ohio, 4 or 5 customers each day were asking what the availibility was going to be," said Winerak beverage manager Chad Lynn.

Johnson said she marked the date on her calendar months ago, so she could be the very first person to savor the moment at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Her passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers is rivaled only by her obsession with Yuengling beer.

"I have a personalized license plate," said Johnson.  "I couldn’t get the whole Yuengling name on there, but it is "YNGLING".  My oldest son has the Yuengling eagle tatooed on his arm.  We just love it."

Johnson and her son aren’t the only Ohioans who enjoy the Pottsville, PA speciality.  Lynn said he’s been ringing up sales all morning.

"Within 15 minutes, I sold two cases," said Lynn.  "We already sold five or six cases so far this morning."

Johnson said she and her friends would drive across the border to stock up on their favorite beer.

"When we would go over to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers, we would bring beer home," said Johnson.  "Once it got into Wheeling, we would take girl day trips, drive 70 miles there and back, talk the whole way, and hear the clinking of the bottles in the back of the vehicle."

She still travels with her Steeler girls, but a pit-stop in Wheeling is no longer necessary.