Zanesville Candidates Forum: 2nd Ward City Council

by Danielle Cotterman on October 16, 2011 at 6:45 am

As Election Day nears for the City of Zanesville, many questions still remain among voters like the city’s budget, improving water lines, city parks, and public safety. Sunday, voters got the chance to voice those and other concerns. A public forum was held at the John McIntire Library in downtown with all 14 candidates running for both Mayor and City Council seats.

Candidates for the 2nd Ward City Council Seat include Democrat Grant Hutcheson and Independent Kevin McPeek. McPeek spoke on his goals to attract families and business to the community, reduce crime rates, and watch city revenue, while maintaining and upgrading the quality of life in the community.

"The community has to get involved," said McPeek. "A council person alone can not create jobs, a council person alone can not make a better community, it’s going to have to be an involvement of everybody, all elected officials, administration and the community."

McPeek has previous City Council experience. He was beat out for the position in 2010 by fellow candidate Grant Hutcheson. Hutcheson spoke on goals to improve city parks and the overall appearance of Zanesville, ultimately attracting young professionals to the community and at age 21, serving as one of the youngest councilman in the state, he believes he can do just that.

"Because I am young, I feel I have a more vested interest because I’m going to be here long term," said Hutcheson. "I know, what we do know is going to determine our youths future for years to come, and I feel that I’m basically going to better connect with the youth and help serve on some of the things they need."

Throughout this week during the WHIZ news at 6:00, we will feature other council seat candidates as well as the three candidates running for Mayor.