Zanesville Candidates Forum: 4th Ward City Council

by Danielle Cotterman on October 17, 2011 at 3:43 am

A public forum was held at the John McIntire Library in downtown over the weekend. All 14 candidates running for both Mayor and City Council seats were present to answer the public’s questions and to hear their concerns.

Candidates for the 4th Ward City Council Seat include Democrat Sandy Gentry and Republican Scott Peterson. Peterson spoke on his goals to provide a stronger voice for the entire 4th Ward, uphold fiscal responsibility and clean-up surrounding neighborhoods. He encourages community involvement.

"To look for opportunities to make Zanesville a better place, to fix our problems, to look at our assets and celebrate those," emphasized Peterson. ‘"To make positive changes."

Peterson will go against current Council Member Sandy Gentry. Gentry spoke mainly on her efforts to work closely with 4th Ward neighbors and address concerns of safety in the neighborhoods. Gentry said through her 30-year experience working in the Zanesville City Schools she has had the opportunity to meet the families of the community.

"This is been the one thing most of my constituents in the 4th ward, especially in the Brighten area have brought to the door,"said Gentry. "They are afraid and so I would like to see us work hard at making people feel safer in their neighborhoods."

Throughout this week during the WHIZ news at 6:00, we will feature other council seat candidates as well as the three candidates running for Mayor.