Zanesville’s East-Side Improves

by Danielle Cotterman on October 5, 2011 at 5:33 am

Some improvements are taking place on the east side of Zanesville thanks to a Neighborhood Revitalization Grant.

Wednesday the grant could be seen in use in the Jim Tucker Memorial Park as ball-courts were being resurfaced. Other projects being completed as part of the grant include sewer separation on Wayne Avenue, Water Replacement on Grant Street, and road improvements on Davis Street and Dillon Road.

"We work hard at making sure when we complete those applications we have leverage and we have a variety of projects, " said Community Development Director Stacy Clapper. "That we have the voice of the neighborhood of what activities they are looking to occur in their neighborhood, what improvement are they looking for."

Clapper is once again seeking community input. She’s in the beginning stages of applying for next year’s grant with the focus being on a specific investment area or neighborhood.

"There are many different investment areas throughout the City of Zanesville," said Clapper, "So we are definitely looking for citizen participation that will help us again and work through a planning process to know what types of activities need to occur in each neighborhood."

If you have an area of concern in the City of Zanesville you can fill out a comment card at Community Development located in City Hall or call (740) 455-7193.