4th Grader Beat-up, Parents Not Notified

by Danielle Cotterman on November 6, 2011 at 11:52 am

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After a fight on the playground, four Zanesville students are now suspended from Zane Grey Elementary School for beating up a 4th grade boy. But the mother of the boy said the school handled the situation wrong.

10-year-old Peyton Woosley shows bruises that remain from Wednesday’s fight on the playground.

"This is where they threw me down, and my arm hit the bench," described Peyton. "Right here that’s where they kicked me in the face."

His Mother Kelly Starcher said four boys held her son down and kicked him in the head, back, and sides. Following the fight Starcher was never notified by the school.

"Which upset me because every time Peyton does get into trouble they call me right away," said Starcher. ‘Now that the one time he didn’t get into trouble but got hurt they didn’t call me."

Coordinator of Operations and Student Services Kevin Appleman confirmed there was a "scuffle" resulting in 4 boys being suspended. As for not calling Peyton’s mom, Appleman apologized but said although he stresses for administration to contact the families, it’s not policy. He said Peyton got ice from the school secretary and then told her he was fine to go off to class.

"My boys have come home every year with problems, upset, crying because people pick on them call them names," said Starcher.

The school said Peyton has a history of antagonizing other kids,and did so in this situation. Peyton said he didn’t start this fight but his mom admits he tends to get into trouble.

"He might have said something to them," admitted Starcher. "I just still don’t see how that can cause four boys to be kicking him and leaving that much damage on him."

Peyton is now afraid to go back to school Monday.

"I feel like something else is going to happen, but this time I feel like it’s going to be worse," said Peyton.

"I just want something done to where my kids can be safe to go to school," expressed Starcher.

Peyton has been suspended in the past…15 times last year and twice already this year. He’s currently in counciling for his behavior. Appleman stands behind the administrations way of handling the matter.