Authorities Sweep County for Crime

by Danielle Cotterman on November 14, 2011 at 5:03 am

Numbers are in from a recent saturation, where local authorities swept Muskingum County looking for any criminal activity.

Lieutenant Steven Rine of the State Highway Patrol said the joint effort between the Highway Patrol, Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department and Zanesville Police happened Thursday afternoon into Friday morning, spanning across a 12 hour stretch.

"It’s kind of an overall blitz, it’s an overwhelming hit we have," explained Rine. "Like this time we had four K-9 officers working in connection with all patrol officers."

Overall Lieutenant Rine said 132 traffic stops took place, resulting in eight O.V.I, seven Driving Under Suspension, four drug cases and three felony drug cases.

"Nine-hundred dollars cash seized, there is one automobile that may be subject to forfeiture and we also had two arrest warrants where we apprehended two people that had valid arrest warrants," confirmed Rine.

Authorities give no warning prior to performing the county-wide saturation.