Buckeye Fans Looking Toward Future

by Kelly Choate on November 26, 2011 at 6:58 am

Anytime the Buckeyes and Wolverines take the field, it’s an emotional game for fans.  WHIZ talked to people decked out in red at Buffalo Wild Wings in Zanesville.  Despite the disappointing season, Ohio State fans are still standing by their team.

"I’m a little bit nervous, because Ohio State has had a down year, and Michigan has had a pretty good year, but we still have the advantage that we’ve won seven straight," said Bill Vasko.

"It’s kind of iffy back and forth, but I think Ohio State will pull one out, and I think we’ll win 24 to 20," said Chris Dennis.

"I think this is the first time Michigan actually has a chance to win," said John Combs.  "I desperately hope not, of course, since that’s our blood enemy, but I’m definitely looking forward to next year, because I think there will probably be some great improvements."

Fans showed remorse for Jim Tressel and respect for Luke Fickel, but most people seemed to agree that Urban Meyer is the right man for the head coaching job.

"I really like Jim Tressel a lot, and I thought he got a raw deal, but at the same time, Meyer is probably the best of the best," said Combs.

"I’ve been an Ohio State fan my whole life, and I’m tired of the conservatives," said Dennis.  "Urban Meyer plays hard all four quarters."

"I think we’ll definitely be able to throw the ball a little bit better than we have this year," said Vasko.  "We’ve had some bad games where we’ve barely completed any passes, so it’ll be nice to see a new offensive scheme."