Nichole Hannahs

Christmas Concert at Secrest

by Nichole Hannahs on November 29, 2011 at 10:29 am

The sounds of the holiday season will fill Secrest Auditorium next Wednesday.

The Zanesville Bible Methodist Church is hosting the Collingsworth Family. Not only will the family of  six sing, expect to hear them play violins, trumpets and the piano as well. Pastor William Blair said the family represents a wholesome approach to the holiday season.

"We have a lot of things bad in this world, uncertainties and so on," said Pastor Blair from the Zanesville Bible Methodist Church. "To have some hope to have again the joy and happiness that their music represents is so very important to our world that we live in to us as individuals."

While there is no cost for the concert they ask that anyone that comes bring non perishable food items that will go to Christ’s Table.

"This time of year is a time of giving to those that are less fortunate and just help out in a small way that way," said Pastor Blair.

The Collingsworth Family Concert will take place Wednesday December 7 at 7pm at Secrest Auditorium.