Community Service Cleans-up Dillon State Park

by Danielle Cotterman on November 23, 2011 at 5:40 am

Kids in the Muskingum County Juvenile Court System spent the day picking-up litter along the side of the road.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Bob Cifranic said the roadway along Pleasant Valley Road has become a popular dumpsite for illegal trash.

"We’re not just cleaning the trash up for ascetic reasons, which is a good reason, it also is a detriment for wildlife they can get caught in some of the garbage and we’ve actually had some animals die because of it," said Cifranic.

Community Service Coordinator of the Juvenile Court System Jesse French said the clean-up duty gives the kids a chance to offer community service hours rather than facing detention or other forms of punishment.

"Work experience, you know learning, taking pride in what they’re doing out here, getting out and actually doing some things," expressed French. "There are some work sights where unfortunately you don’t get to get the experience working outside like this, so I like to take advantage of this when we can."

The clean-up was a joint effort between Dillon State Park, Division of Wildlife, and the Juvenile Court System.