Cost of Expansion Appraised

by Danielle Cotterman on November 7, 2011 at 4:00 am

New property and liability appraisals were presented to Muskingum County Commissioners Monday morning.

County owned buildings are insured through CORSA. Marketing Manager Ginny Shrimplin said the new appraisal revealed an increase in the value of the buildings, worth about $13 million. The increase stems from new buildings and additions to existing structures since the county’s last appraisal in 2001.

"That’s typical that we see in counties when we do new appraisals," said Shrimplin. "It’s very difficult for big counties to know exactly when to report something to CORSA or when it’s just automatically included."

During the meeting it was noted that items such as flag poles, benches and other beautification detail were never listed in the reappraisal. Shrimplin is working to have the mistake corrected.

"So we’re not talking about high dollar things but it is important when an appraisal is done that everything is listed in there," said Shrimplin.

Although the items are not currently listed Shrimplin said they are covered under the county’s blanket limit incase of damage.