Firefighters Refresh Skills in Training

by Kelly Choate on November 27, 2011 at 9:09 am

An old school building is being put to good use by area firefighters.

Franklin Local School District donated County Connections Preschool to the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department.  Fire Chief Donald Alexander said his firefighters are refreshing their skills to practice for real disasters.

"We were able to use it two different evenings for specialized training plus today we got to burn it down.  South Zanesville and Harrison Township assisted us, and we had about 15 burns in there, so everybody got to go in and experience using the nozzle and being the firsthand attack person to put the fire out," said Alexander.

Alexander said the building was ideal for demonstrations because the neighbors are far away, there aren’t any power lines, and a fire hydrant is nearby.  He said strict environmental regulations limit the number of houses they can burn, but he tries to arrange one every few years.

"Without having the real life experience of a structure fire, we have to go to Reynoldsburg at the fire academy, and it’s like a concrete block building to burn, so it’s not like having a real house fire," said Alexander.

Once the training sessions were over, the firefighters returned to the station for a cook-out to celebrate their accomplishments.