Hunting Deer to Put Food on the Table

by Kelly Choate on November 30, 2011 at 4:48 am

A rainy start to deer-gun season has lowered this year’s tally, but many of those who are out hunting are doing it out of necessity.

Hunters checking their deer at the Dillon Falls Store say they’ve noticed more people struggling to feed their families.

"I see a lot more people out hunting, and I know the economy is bad all over," said deer hunter Rich Ambrose.  "I think it’s something people are trying to do because it’s a cheap way to fill the freezer."

Owner of Dillon Falls Store Kathy McCann said tough economic times are taking people into the woods to hunt their own food.  She said if someone already has a gun, the cost of killing a deer is much less than buying meat at a grocery store.

"A lot of these guys have hunted for years, so they’ve been given weapons by their dads and grandparents, and they maintain them," said McCann.

McCann said gun maintenance is relatively inexpensive, and a large buck can provide up to 200 servings of meat for a family.  She said hunters aren’t driving as far to save money on gas, and people are only taking off one or two days from work instead of the entire week.