Nichole Hannahs

Kicking Leaves to the Curb

by Nichole Hannahs on November 4, 2011 at 11:13 am

It’s going to cost the City of Zanesville more money to collect residents leaves this fall.

Already the process has been put off because of a tight budget and fuel costs. Now officials said they’ll be taking this year’s leaves to a landfill because they don’t have a farm to take the leaves like they usually do. The added cost is now $16-18,000.

"It’s the same as the tonage for the regular trash pick up and we will have as many as twenty loads a day and up to 120 and they are kind of compressed as they get blown into the leaf machines," said Public Service Director Mike Sims.

City Officals said citizens can bag their leaves and put them out with the trash but there is a fourteen bag limit. They also ask leaves be raked to the curb.

"We don’t want them raked into the street because when it rains they flush down our storm sewer and plug our catch basins," explained Sims. "We encourage people to rake them near the edge of the street. On the streets that have sidewalks rake them between the street and the sidewalk."

Citzens can also take leaves to the Street Garage on Central Avenue during business hours. Sims asks that only leaves get dropped there because it costs additional money to bring in a machine to chew up the tree branch debris.

Below is a list of leaf collection times by ward.


November 14-15, 28-29


November 16-18, 30

December 1-2


November 21-23

December 5-9