Muskingum Cty Renews NACO Membership

by Mark Bullion on November 28, 2011 at 8:59 am

Muskingum County continues to look for ways to help save money with one of them by renewing their membership with the National Association of Counties.

Association President and Athens County Commissioner Lenny Eliason Met with Muskingum County Commissioners Monday afternoon to discuss the renewal of the county’s membership. He says one of the biggest benefits is taking advantage of nationally bid contracts.

"We sell everything with the program from office supplies to roofing supplies to astroturf to truck parts to auto parts. It’s things that you go out and that the county has to purchase on a regular basis. It’s a chance to compare prices and save some money," said Eliason.

 Another area the county will be able to save money is by renewing the med program for the County Jail.

"That one will save jails a lot of money when you talk about providing medications for prisoners which is a huge expense for counties when you have to take care of all the prisoners you have in your population," said Eliason.

All three commissioners approved renewing the membership. Over 3,000 counties across the country are part of the association.