New System for Checking Deer

by Kelly Choate on November 28, 2011 at 5:32 am

Deer-gun season begins on Monday, and hunters no longer have to take their kills to a check station for a physical inspection.

A new system introduced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources allows hunters to report deer harvests on the internet.  Owner of Dillon Falls Store Kathy McCann said the online option should be a useful tool.

"For people that are hunting out-of-state, it’s good for them," said McCann.  "They can get their deer checked in and head back home.  For people that don’t find their deer until late at night, and the check stations are already closed, they can still call it in, because deer have to get checked in by 11:30 PM the same day that it’s killed this year."

Although the new system is convenient for hunters, McCann said it’s creating a lot of confusion.  Deer hunter Scott Riggle and his son Tanner were under the impression that they had to file the report online.

"A lot of people would think you have to do it on the computer," said Riggle.  "That’s what we thought, but then we came here and saw the sign.  It’s just the same as always."

Hunters have a full week to harvest deer, and the season will also include an extra weekend of gun hunting on December 17th and 18th.