Number of Fatal Crashes Down

by Danielle Cotterman on November 10, 2011 at 4:04 am

An increased effort by Ohio Troopers to stop drunken driving may contribute to the nearly 9% drop in fatal accidents so far this year.

The State Highway Patrol released numbers Thursday indicating 824 people have been killed on Ohio roads through October. That’s down 902 fatalities during the same time last year.

"Probably the worst thing you can do is go out and injury someone else or possibly cause a fatality to someone else," said Sergeant Clark Felix. "That’s the family that will do the suffering, as well as you, we’re talking high finds, possibly jail time if there is a fatality involved they can plan on spending some time in jail."

Patrol also said they’ve arrested 934 more impaired drivers during the same time period than they did last year. Sergeant Felix said it’s in part due to sobriety check points and their tip line.

"If someone calls and suspects somebody may be drinking in front of them, or behind them, or around them, we go out and take a look at them," said Felix.

Patrol said of all the deadly accidents 40% were directly related to impaired drivers in 2010. The patrol is already urging motorists to designate a sober driver during the holiday season.