George Hiotis

Ohio Moving Closer To Ban On Exotic Animals

by George Hiotis on November 30, 2011 at 4:13 am

The State of Ohio is moving closer to banning exotic animals. Wednesday Governor John Kasich received a recommendation to ban ownership of the animals starting in 2014. The ban is the key part of a report prepared by a state committee representing animal interest and government groups appointed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. State Senator Troy Balderson is working with the Senate President to introduce legislation in the General Assembly, but no time-table has been announced. The list of banned animals includes: lions, tigers, panthers, hyenas, primates, elephants and seven other exotic animals. Officials say if this ban would have been in place Muskingum County’s Terry Thompson would have been prevented from owning the exotic animals that he released last month then committed suicide leaving Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputies with the task of killing most of the group of animals. The new tough ban would not force owners to get rid of animals they currently own on the restricted species list before 2014. Zoos, researched facilities and circuses would be exempt from the ban.