Science Presentation Motivates Students

by Kelly Choate on November 15, 2011 at 6:45 am

Students at Zanesville High School are learning more about promising careers in math and science.

Interactive science presenter Darryl Baynes put on shows throughout the day focusing on cryogenics – the study of very low temperature.  GEAR UP Advisor Amber Dozer said the school received a $2,500 grant from the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio to fund the program.

"He blows things up and freezes things," said Dozer.  "The kids get to eat frozen marshmellows.  He goes up and down the aisles to get everyone involved, so it’s a very interactive, hands-on workshop for them."

Dozer said the goal of the assembly is to spark interest in college-level coursework.  Kelly Williams is a junior at Zanesville, and she said the show was a nice break in between classes.

"The most exciting part would have to be when he put the balloon on top of the lid of the flask and it exploded – people were like wow!" said Williams.

Baynes will give a similar presentation at Zanesville Middle School on Wednesday.