Zanesville Sewer Rates Could Rise Next Year

by Mark Bullion on November 14, 2011 at 9:40 am

If you’re a Zanesville resident, the sewer portion of your water bill could be going up.

Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance in its first reading that would increase the rate by five dollars a billing cycle. City Councilman and Mayor Elect Jeff Tilton says the increase will help pay for mandated sewer storm water separation projects over the next five years along with loan payments for the City’s new wastewater plant upgrade.

"We’re also looking into grants so that maybe the five dollars won’t be there forever, but until we find out about the grants right now, we’re five dollars a month which would be 10 dollars a billing cycle," said Tilton.

Tilton says the rate change would go into effect during next March’s billing cycle. On a similar note, Tilton says one of the key issues he plans to tackle once in office as mayor is the City’s aging water infrastructure.

"We need to change some of the water lines, actually most of the water lines, and I would like to set a plan in place to start doing this a little at a time," said Tilton.

In other council news, council passed an ordinance in its first reading that would charge residents a $25.00 late fee for filing City income taxes past the April 15th deadline.