CASS-MIND Moves to Historic Home

by Kelly Choate on December 2, 2011 at 9:51 am

A Zanesville non-profit organization is bringing back a century-old tradition with a twist.

The CASS-MIND Keep Kids in School Initiative is a non-profit organization geared toward promoting healthy decision-making and life-planning for youth.  On Friday, the organization celebrated its first gathering at the historical Buckingham residence, which housed the Zanesville School of Music in the 1920s.  CEO of CASS-MIND Cassandra McDonald said the facility will also sprout art and business growth in addition to music.

"What I like is that they’re here to see," said McDonald.  "The energy is here to have an arts place for our community."

McDonald is working with Muskingum University’s Rachel Pollock to bring the new headquarters to life.  Pollock said she wrote the play that her literature students performed before the Praise Choir took the stage.

"This was a place of refuge, and it’s going to be a place of refuge again," said Pollock.  "It’s not just a place of refuge, a haven of hope, but through CASS-MIND, it’s also going to be a place that historically it was before – a school of music and now the arts."

The building is also an underground railroad marker and will be open for tours beginning in February.