Christmas Served at Christ’s Table

by Danielle Cotterman on December 19, 2011 at 5:10 am

Those in need of a Christmas meal are invited to Christ’s Table in Zanesville.

The doors will open Friday at 11:00AM stay open until 1:00PM. Executive Director Keely Warden said they expect to serve between 450 to 500 Christmas dinners.

"What we’re really exciting about it everything we’re serving on Friday was donated," expressed Warden. "The hams were donated, all of the yams were donated, all of the pies were donated, so everything that we’re serving on this Friday will be donated and we’re really excited about that."

In addition to Friday’s meal, Christ’s Table will be open during the day on Christmas Eve, they will serve their traditional meal. Warden said the community in need is invited to take part in the spirit of giving.

"It’s family here at Christ’s Table with the staff and the people we serve, we’re just one big family, so sharing in fellowship and breaking bread is just so important to us at Christ’s Table," said Warden. 

Christ’s Table will be closed Christmas Sunday.