Christ’s Table Year in Review

by Kelly Choate on December 30, 2011 at 7:34 am

Employees at Christ’s Table in downtown Zanesville are crunching numbers for next year’s budget.

Executive Director Keely Warden said Christ’s Table is breaking records with the number of meals they’re serving every day.

"We have seen trends this year," said Warden.  "For the first six months of this year we were up about 5%.  From July through November we have been up by about 11%," said Warden.

Warden said the economy is to blame for the increase in families walking through the door.  She said the warm weather encourages more people to make the trip to Christ’s Table.

"A lot of the people that visit us each day are walking or riding a bike here, so we appreciate the warm weather, because people have been able to continue to come," said Warden.  "When it snows and it’s really cold, a lot of them hunker down, and they aren’t able to get here, so we’re happy that they’re here."

Warden said she’s been reaching out to the public throughout the year to make sure everyone knows that Christ’s Table isn’t just for homeless people.

"It’s a hard time getting that paycheck or food stamps to stretch, so we’ve been trying to educate the community that we’re here for everybody," said Warden.  "We have seen new families walk through the door, and we love it when we see them, because it means those kids are getting fed."

Warden said the biggest needs right now are meat, pasta, rice and fruit.  You can drop off donations at Christ’s Table.