Downtown Revitalization Continues

by Ashley Zilka on December 29, 2011 at 11:48 am

Downtown Zanesville continues to add more notches to its belt as we enter 2012.

Zanesville Downtown Association Manager, Dana Matz, says the occupancy growth of Masonic Temple, the Y-Bridge Arts Festival and the new Downtown Fitness locations are just some of the many 2011 downtown successes.

"Revitalization is a slow process. One of the key things I learned early on after going to a seminar was that the downtown will recover as quick as it declined. That was a slow and drawn out process, but in turn, since 2000, we have had over 33 million dollars invested in the downtown area. We are real excited about that," said Matz.

Matz says as we head into 2012, people are looking for commercial space in the downtown area. For this reason, residential movement is continuing to occur helping the revitalization process.

"We have had more requests for residential units than we have residential units available. We are seeing a lot of the mid 20 to early 30-year-old folks looking to live in the downtown and starting to get requests from the recent retirees. These age groups follow national trends," said Matz. 

Matz says when they can get more people in downtown Zanesville after 5 o’clock, then the downtown area is able to obtain more vibrancy, which in turn, leads to success.