Driving Safely in Winter Weather

by Kelly Choate on December 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

That first dusting of snow we saw on Saturday is a reminder to drive carefully in winter weather.

Trooper Stephen Williams said the State Highway Patrol responded to three car crashes on Interstate 70 on Saturday night that were caused by icy bridges.  He said sometimes drivers forget that bridges and ramps freeze before roadways.

"Secondary roads like county roads and township roads are going to be iced up, and when we have snowfall, they’re going to be the second option for townships and counties," said Williams.

Williams recommends that drivers slow down, leave extra room in front of the vehicle and allow more travel time.  He said drivers should always be prepared for an emergency.

"We suggest, especially if you’re driving an older car, keeping a blanket in there and maybe keep a gas can in your vehicle," said Williams.  "Also, check your radiator fluid, and make sure your engine is in good working order, because no one wants to get caught out on the interstate."

Williams said if you do find yourself in a serious situation, be aware of your surroundings so the patrol can find you faster.  He said vague descriptions of location often create problems for troopers.