Fewer Jobs Predicted for Oil & Natural Gas Industry

by Danielle Cotterman on December 16, 2011 at 4:21 am

The number of jobs predicted for oil and natural gas drilling in Ohio could be far fewer than the industry had forecasted.

A study released Thursday by professor Mark Patridge of the Ohio State University estimates 20,000 jobs could be generated, this is far less than a study backed by the oil and gas industry, claiming 200,000 new jobs.

"I think really when we look at this, no matter how many jobs are available, we know there are thousand of jobs that are going to be available in the state," said President of Zane State College Dr. Paul Brown.

Brown said Zane State College is the first in the state to provide a degree program in Natural Gas Engineering Technology and said now more than ever the emphasis needs to be on the education.

"Our challenge in Ohio is to make sure that these jobs go to Ohioans that they don’t come from somewhere else," said Brown.

Zane State College offers two-year degree in Natural Gas Engineering Technology, as well as a number of certificates able to be complete is less time.

A spokesman for Gov. John Kasich said either number means tens of thousands of jobs in a part of the state that’s starving for good economic news.