George Hiotis

Final Coroner’s Report On Terry Thompson

by George Hiotis on December 22, 2011 at 8:58 am

A final coroner’s reports shows a Muskingum County man who released dozens of wild animals and then killed himself had no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system. The Columbus Dispatch reports the findings released this week also confirm that 62-year-old Terry Thompson of Kopchak Road died after he put a gun to the roof of his mouth and fired, and, the report indicates he was bitten and clawed by large cats immediately after his death October 18th on his property near Zanesville. Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputies were forced to kill 48 loose exotic animals including bears, lions and endangered Bengal Tigers. Three leopards, two primates and a Grizzly Bear survived the hunt and are now in the care of the Columbus Zoo.