First Reading of Pay Freeze Ordinance Passes

by Kelly Choate on December 12, 2011 at 9:51 am

On Monday the Zanesville City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance that affects a group of city employees.

Council-At-Large Andrew Roberts said under the ordinance 49 employees not affiliated with any of the unions won’t see pay step increases in 2012.

"This ordinance was to keep them in line with how the budget director and law director are negotiating with the unions right now," said Roberts.  "It could possibly change after the first of the year though depending on how those negotiations actually go."

Secretaries, deputies, coordinators and clerks are among the employees who would see the pay freeze.  Roberts said the ordinance reflects negotiations with police and fire unions.

"The law director, the mayor and the budget director have been negotiating with the firefighter’s union for the last month or month and a half," said Roberts.  They’ve come to some pretty good terms with the firefighter’s union, and that’s part of the reason why we have to go back and do this with the unaffiliated employees."

Roberts said the ordinance amends legislation passed in 2009 which allowed for automatic annual step increases every year.