Funding Crucial in Roadway Repairs

by Danielle Cotterman on December 12, 2011 at 5:03 am

Four roadway projects in Muskingum County will be reviewed for possible funding.

The Ohio Public Works District Sub Committee met Monday morning to discuss nine roadway projects needing attention. The committee selected four of the projects most likely to be approved for the Ohio Public Works funding. The final decision will be based on a number of criteria, including the need of the project, the area it affects and the readiness to proceed.

"The grant funds are immeasurably important to even the county and even the villages," said Zanesville Public Service Director Michael Sims. "Unfortunately a lot of times the villages don’t get enough points on their preliminary application to warrant justifying giving them points at this level."

Projects selected for the running will be the Muskingum County Asphalt Paving Co-Op and Road Resurfacing, the Village of South Zanesville’s Sanitary Sewer Relining and the City of Zanesville’s 5th Street Enhancement Project. Sims said 5th Street project is a top priority for the city. He said a million dollar enhancement grant was awarded several years ago but the project will cost more than $2 million to complete.

"We were limited by time, it’s s a grant through the Ohio Department of Transportation and they indicated that we needed to spend the money no later than 2013 or we’d run the risk of loosing that grant," said Sims. "So it was very important for the city to get a high enough score to qualify or we could have potentially lost a million dollars."

The final decision for funding will be made by the Ohio Public Works Executive Committee on December 21st in Marietta.