Great Depression Art Exhibition

by Kelly Choate on December 10, 2011 at 6:45 am

The Zanesville Museum of Art is opening an exhibition that focuses on an iconic era in American history.

"Images of the Great Depression" features photographs made by the Farm Security Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Projects Administration artists during the 1930s.  Director Susan Talbot-Stanaway said photography influenced how people felt about themselves, their communities and their hopes for the future.

"President Roosevelt wanted people in the city who were still doing well to understand what was happening in small towns," said Talbot-Stanaway.  "He wanted them to see something other than just the statistics that said that 37% of the people in Ohio were unemployed."

Side-by-side comparisons show how Ohio’s landmarks have changed over the decades.  Talbot-Stanaway said older generations can still remember what the small towns looked like during the Great Depression.

"They say yes, that’s it, that’s me, that’s my life that I lived," said Talbot-Stanaway.  "I think it’s a wonderful thing that I hope they share with other people who come."

A grant award from the Ohio Humanities Council funded the exhibition as well as a panel discussion with Columbus photographers who were part of the project.  The exhibition is open until February 18th.