Hill Files for State Representative

by Ashley Zilka on December 2, 2011 at 10:05 am

94th District State Representative Brian Hill visits the Muskingum County Board of Elections to fill out paperwork for next year’s State Representative race.

Hill said he will run for the 97th District seat. He’s currently serving out the term vacated by Troy Balderson, who was appointed to the State Senate in July. If elected Hill said he’ll continue to focus on jobs.

"Trying to get any barriers that are in the way of businesses locating or expanding in this region. We have a great opportunity with the gas and oil developments in this general area and I look forward to working in that regard," said Hill. 

Hill said since he’s already been serving as State Representative he feels it will help him if elected.

"It was a huge learning curve. This has been very helpful to come in July when I did. They had the budget done and some of those tough issues that took a lot of time I have been able to learn and figure out how the process actually works," said Hill. 

Hill says he appreciates the continued support of the community and is honored to take on this large responsibility. He will be running against Democrat Frank Fleischer of New Concord.