Pet Proof Your Home this Holiday

by Danielle Cotterman on December 21, 2011 at 5:27 am

For pets the holidays can not only be a dangerous time but a stressful time as well.

Executive Director of the Muskingum County Animal Shelter Larry Hostetler said everything from decorations to food can be a hazard to your pet.

When decorating Hostetler suggests you tape down all electrical wiring and use only non breakable ornaments.

"With shinny glass ornaments, the dogs see them, the cats see them," said Hostetler. "If they bite those and they splinter and break they can swallow those, they become lodged in the intestine and you can end up with a very large surgery bill."

Hostetler said a general rule when guests visit is to be sure they’re not feeding your pet table scraps.

"No bones, a lot of people give ham bones or turkey bones from what they cooked for dinners, once the bones become cooked they are very brittle and splinter," said Hostetler, "that is what will cause a problem in the pet, when they swallow they can splinter and get in the throat and intestine."

If your pet isn’t used to a large number of guests Hostetler said it’s best to keep them in a room separated from company- this will make it a less stressful situation for everyone involved.