Rotary Club’s Christmas Party for Kids

by Kelly Choate on December 13, 2011 at 5:18 am

Santa’s sleigh made an early stop in Zanesville at the Rotary Club Christmas party.

Since the 1920s Adornetto’s Pizza has hosted the event for special needs children.  Rotary Club President John Hill said each child makes a wish list so the gifts are personalized.

"We have volunteers that go to Kmart, and they get the gifts the night before," said Hill.  "They are all packaged with the kids’ names on them for distribution, and we brought them in this morning right before the kids came in."

Santa handed out presents to more than 60 children who snacked on pizza and enjoyed entertainment by the John Glenn Strings.  Hill said words can’t describe how it feels to see their dreams being fulfilled.

"They can’t wait to get into their gifts, and usually the teachers have them wait until all of the gifts are given to that class, so their anticipation is really high," said Hill.

The Rotary Club’s 12 Days of Christmas fundraiser and annual rose sale help make the party possible.