Salvation Army Still in Need of Holiday Donations

by WHIZ Reporter on December 9, 2011 at 5:05 am

The Salvation Army of Zanesville is still looking for food and toy donations this holiday season.

Donations are down from last year’s holiday drive.  Normally, a box of food would last for about a week, but coordinator, Joyce Krouskoupf said that a week’s worth of food may only last some families a couple of days.

"Everybody is in need pretty much this year," said Krouskoupf.  "The ones that have been helping us this year, they’re the army behind the army, and we just appreciate everything they do, but right now a lot of them are in need also this year "

Krouskouph is hopeful the the community will come through once again this year.  Today, students from Maysville High School were on hand packaging food to distribute to the community.

Senior, Pete Willison, says that the experience of volunteering makes him appreciate the simple things he takes for granted.

"We never really had an opportunity to come volunteer until this year," said Willison.  "Now knowing they have this, a few of us might come back and help out with that, that’ll be just kind of wrapping up what we started."

If you want to donate to the salvation army, there is still time. Toys can still be dropped off through sunday at the Salvation Army on Putnam Avenue, or the Colony Square Mall.