Sheriff Speaks on Emergency Readiness

by Danielle Cotterman on December 8, 2011 at 5:22 am

Officials in Muskingum County are making sure they’re prepared in the event that an emergency strikes.

Thursday the Local Emergency Preparedness Committee gathered for their quarterly meeting. Guest Speaker Sheriff Matt Lutz spoke on the handling of a recent emergency. In October 56 wild, exotic animals were released from a farm on Kopchak Road, law enforcement responded to the scene where they were forced to kill 48 of those animals. Lutz reflected on what could have been done differently.

"The dispatchers took the brunt of the criticism from all the calls coming in because the dispatch line is the one we publicize," explained Lutz. "So if we had to do that again we’d probably set up a secondary line for those calls to bleed over on."

Also in the meeting LAPC Vice Chairman Jeff Jadwin spoke on the handling of chemical spills by the county. He said the county will respond to any spill of more than 25 gallons.

"We’re very well prepared, we’ve got the Hazmat team and the different teams in the county that ready, set-up to respond if we have an emergency," explained Jadwin. "Hazmat teams been in place for a lot of years and we’re ready to go."

Jadwin said the county handled more than 20 chemical spills this year.