Tyler Hardin’s Mom Speaks About Nowlin’s Charges

by Kim Tewalt on December 19, 2011 at 8:53 am

The jury reached a verdict Monday in the case against Terrell Nowlin, who was facing nine charges in connection with the July 2010 murder of Tyler Hardin.

"Mr. Nowlin, having been convicted by the jury in regards to eight of the nine charges, the court hereby orders the bond previously set in this case be revoked." Muskingum County Common Pleas Court Judge, Mark Fleegle explained to Terrell Nowlin, "You will remain in the custody of the Sheriff."

After nearly four hours of deliberation, jurors in the case against Terrell Nowlin found him guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping with a firearm specification, murder with a firearm specification, gross abuse of a corpse, and three out of four counts of tampering with evidence. Although losing the case was disappointing, the lawyers representing Nowlin say the evidence was hard to dispute.

"It was conclusive of the ballistic examination that it was his gun that was used." said Defense Attorney Kirk McVay. "You couldn’t just ignore that or walk away from that."

Prosecutor Mike Haddox credits winning the case to preparation, help from the Sheriff’s Department, and a little bit of luck. He is happy with the verdict the jury returned, and wishes the best to the family of Tyler Hardin.

"Hopefully today they feel that justice was served." said Haddox. "As we always say, there is nothing that we can do to bring back their loved one, hopefully this brings a little bit of closure to the horrible experience they had."

For Tyler Hardin’s mother, the verdict brings a sense of relief, but she says even a guilty verdict doesn’t bring her son back.

"It will never be over for me, I will relive it every day of my life." said Hardin’s mother, Kim Saunders "I don’t know how they thought that they could get away with this. How could you think you could get away with this?"

A pre-sentence investigation has been ordered in the case. A date has not yet been yet for sentencing, but it will be at least thirty days.

Saunders says she feel Nowlin got what he deserved.

"He made the statement that after he shot Tyler in the face, he (Tyler) was crying like a little bitch." explained Saunders "Well we will see who’s going to be the bitch when he (Nowlin) goes to prison."