Volunteers Make Christmas Merry

by Kelly Choate on December 24, 2011 at 6:02 am

Many businesses close their doors on Christmas Eve, but no one was turned away at Christ’s Table on Saturday.

The organization employs six full-time workers during the week, but volunteers keep Christ’s Table open on Saturdays.  Members of the First Christian Church in Zanesville serve meals every fourth Saturday, and they were ready to dish out chicken salad sandwiches and tomato soup to more than 100 people in need.

"I do think that a few of our volunteers are here more because it’s a holiday," said volunteer Mary Arnold.  "I know a couple of families have kids home from college, and they came as a family unit to help serve.  I think that the people who are being served are even more appreciative of what we have to offer." 

Youngsters got in the giving spirit and passed out gift bags full of fruit and candy as an extra treat.  Arnold said many of these people have nowhere else to go during the holidays, so she’s happy to bring folks out of the cold and hand them a hot meal.

"I went out, shook hands and wished everyone a merry Christmas," said Arnold.  "People just radiate smiles when you do that, so I encourage everybody to be good to one another in whatever way you can."

If you would like to help Christ’s Table spread holiday cheer, monetary donations and food items are always greatly appreciated.