Westwood Baptist Church Prepares for Christmas Play

by WHIZ Reporter on December 13, 2011 at 9:06 am

One local church is stepping into the limelight this holiday season.

Members of the Westwood Baptist Church on East Pike held rehearsal Tuesday for their upcoming weekend performances of, "The Fight Before Christmas," with full lights, sound, set and costumes.  This is the first play the church has presented to the public.

The show’s director, Angela Layton, said that the program has been in the works since the end of September, and says she expects to pack the house for the show’s run.

"We’re just excited to present this to the community, and welcome people to come on out, and really learn what the fight before Christmas is going to share," said Layton

The play features music from the Church’s Choir and Praise team.  Layton, a commercial actress by trade, said the first act of the play show tells the story of how Christmas is today and sets up the true meaning of Christmas in part two.

"The Second act brings the traditional Christmas story through narration, and just talks about how God had a plan from the beginning to redeem man, and that it’s a real fight for our souls," said Layton

Admission is free, but call-ahead seating is preferred. The play runs Saturday, December seventeenth, at seven, and Sunday morning, December eighteenth at ten-thirty.