Zanesville Gets Big Road Win

by JT Raymond on December 17, 2011 at 12:08 pm

 H.S. Boys Basketball

Zanesville 46 Claymont 43

If you can figure out this Zanesville team after four games, you should apply for a job at the Army Corps of Engineers. One thing you don’t need an advanced degree to figure out: they are winning. Somehow, the Blue Devils are managing to tally one on the left hand side of the column, and Friday night was no different in Claymont.

Playing in their third consecutive road game at least an hour away, the Blue Devils spotted the Mustings 7 points right out of the gate, the Blue Devils went on a 6-0 run to answer, and it was back and forth all the way to the finish from there. Zanesville was strong down the stretch, erasing thier second seven point deficit of the night in the fourth quarter, going on a 9-0 run to go up two late.

Claymont proved to be very resilient, taking a one point advantage with just fourteen seconds to play, when the Blue Devils’ Jake Phillis put the fate in his hands, hitting an impossible runner in the lane to seal the deal. Zanesville is now 3-1 on the season. They are a +1 in point differential for the four games combined. Tomorrow night, the Newark Wildcats are in the new Winland Gymnasium for the first time.

Philo 43 Crooksville 49
C: Lake Channel- 17pts; Caleb Jago- 15pts;
P: Tyler Cassidy- 15pts; Zac Sheridan- 11pts

John Glenn 49 Sheridan 40

Maysville 103  Morgan 41
Mays: Justin WIlson- 16pts; Bryce Sidwell- 14pts; Tanner Stottsberry- 11pts 14reb
Morg: Art Davis- 11pts

New Lexington 37  Tri-Valley 55

Meadowbrook 32  Rosecrans 60
R: Aaron Parry- 14pts 10reb; Zack Hill- 12pts; Jared Dalton- 11pts


Granville 57 Lakewood 45

Coshocton 60 River View 49
C: Brandon Taylor- 26pts
RV: Jamie Schwartz- 15pts

Ridgewood 31 Hiland 58

Bexley 63 Heath 52

Shenandoah 57 Fort Frye 52

Granville 57 Lakewood 45

Cambridge 49 New Philadelphia 55

Buckeye Trail 78 Union Local 56