Career Fair Draws Hundreds of Candidates

by Kelly Choate on January 30, 2012 at 5:20 am

Job opportunities are hard to come by in this market, but a career fair is keeping hope alive for many people searching for work.

Hundreds of people stood in line at Time Warner Cable’s Zanesville Call Center for a chance to snag one of 50 available customer service positions.  Spokesperson Michael Hogan said the introduction of new technology has led to a need for more employees.

"They come in, they register and then they hear a presentation about what the job is all about to see if they’re interested," said Hogan.  "They go on to a one-on-one interview with a call center manager.  From there, if they’re qualified, we’ll call them back for a second interview."

Hogan said the full-time positions are appealing to job seekers because of the benefits package and starting salary.  Joni Medaugh is one of the candidates who waited in the cold for her moment to shine.

"I’m waiting to get inside so I can have an interview with Time Warner Cable, because I want to start the job hunt now, and this is a really great place to work," said Medaugh.

About 500 people attended a similar career fair over the summer.