Christ’s Table Serves 28% Increase

by Danielle Cotterman on January 31, 2012 at 6:42 am

The number of meals being served at Christ’s Table has hit an all time high since 2006.

Executive Director Keely Warden said Monday they served 501 meals- making the month of January a 28% increase compared to last year.

"We attribute that to a couple different things, the economy is bad, but it was bad last year this time also, but we’ve had a really mild January and that enables more people to get out and get here to get the meals they need," said Warden. "So we’re looking at that as probably a big factor of why our numbers are up so high."

Warden said funding from United Way is a big part of making the meals possible. Last year they received more than $15,000 in investment money and predict they’ll request more this year.

"Our board has a lot of input as to what we do with our United Way and what we’re going to ask for this year but with the need being up and needing to serve more people I think it’s going to look like we are going to have to ask for more this year," said Warden. "We just have to prove that we’re really doing something for this community, because we believe that we are."

Christ’s Table served more than 96,000 meals last year.

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