City Awaiting Money for Brandywine Culvert Repair

by WHIZ Reporter on January 9, 2012 at 5:21 am

The city of Zanesville is waiting to receive approval for $500,000 of emergency state funding to fix a culvert off of Brandywine Boulevard.

A request has been sent to the Ohio Public Works commission to fix the culvert after it collapsed in the spring of 2011.
Public Service Director, Mike Sims said that he has been waiting for a response from the Ohio Public Works Commission for over a month, and that once the emergency funds are approved, it’s a pretty fast process.

"we anticipated and even had discussions with the mall," said Sims.  "They wanted it repaired earlier this season, it just wasn’t possible. And we didn’t want to close the road to do the repairs during the holiday season. So, it’s our goal to do it yet this winter or early spring if at all possible."

If the request for emergency funds is not approved by Ohio Public Works, Sims plans to introduce an ordinance to city council to borrow money from the Ohio Water Development Authority.
He believes the delays are related to the holidays, but assures citizens that the city has not forgotten about the project.

"I just know it’s been an inconvenience for everybody," added Sims.  "We haven’t forgotten it, and we’re not putting it out of mind. It’s just kind of been because of the holidays and also because of the waiting game on the grant source to see if it’s obtainable."

Once approved, the city has to put a bid out for contractors to do the work.