Columbia Gas to Replace Pipes in Pine Street Project

by WHIZ Reporter on January 17, 2012 at 8:37 am

Columbia Gas of Ohio says it has plans to make improvements to the gas pipeline system on the city’s south side.

The nearly 700 customers affected by the upgrade received a letter from Columbia Gas detailing their plans.
A public meeting was held Tuesday evening at the John McIntire Library to discuss the two million dollar project.
Construction Services Supervisor, Michael Schwieterman, said they are replacing more than 21,000 feet of main and service lines from steel to plastic pipe.

"It really doesn’t have a natural enemy. There’s nothing that is going to (break) it," said, Schwieterman.  "And as long as we locate the main line, and no one take s a backhoe through it, it could last indefinitely."

Schweiterman, along with other Columbia Gas officials were on hand to answer questions and to hear concerns about construction and service interruptions from customers..
Spokesman, Ray Frank, assured that customer concerns are always a top priority, especially when it comes to digging up streets and yards.

"We will restore any hard surface or grass or sod, any of those situations we restore all the years and the sidewalks, and streets to their original or better condition," said Frank.

Frank said the project will start later this month, and should wrap up by the end of the summer.