Early Tax Filers See Delay in Refund

by WHIZ Reporter on January 28, 2012 at 2:42 am

If you filed your tax return early you may see a delay in receiving your refund check.

The IRS is holding refund checks on tax returns filed before Wednesday because of a computer glitch affecting a new fraud detection and prevention system.
Susan Elliot from the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has been getting calls all day from concerned citizens, and said a delay in sending out the checks is actually a security precaution.

"There really isn’t any problem with it, it’s actually for their protection and its why they set up this system," said Elliott.  "Everybody knows that there’s problems with different computers at different times, and it doesn’t have anything to do with security, it’s just a computer problem. "

Those who filed before Wednesday can expect their check to be withheld for up to a week,
Elliott said that Jackson Hewitt’s corporate offices have been keeping in contact with the IRS, and says her clients have resources available to get answers.

"Our clients have a toll-free number they can call to find out when their checks are ready, and on that it says they are been held by the IRS, but it doesn’t give any details, so then in turn they call us, and we give them some information about it, and give them an approximate date that they’ll receive the check," said Elliott.

Elliott says that the problem with the IRS will not affect state tax returns.