Juvenile Court Proposes Reimbursement Plan

by WHIZ Reporter on January 23, 2012 at 5:50 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners met Monday afternoon with Juvenile Court officials about new ways to save the county money.

Judge Joseph Gormley, presented Commissioners with proposals for federal reimbursement.
The 4-E program would allow the courts to be reimbursed for expenses relating to placing children in protective custody.
The courts would receive 60% of money they spend on placing children who fit a certain criteria.
Juvenile Court Program Coordinator, Angela Carder said these programs would provide a return for some of the money the county spends of delinquent juveniles.

"We are placing youth currently in non-residential and foster homes, and without the reimbursement. So, if we can get it, they will reimburse us at least 60% so if we could get that reimbursement, that would bring 60% of these moines back to the local county," said Carder.

Other counties such as Guernsey already have such reimbursement programs in place.
Another proposal called the 4-D program, would aide the county in reimbursement with child support cases.

"Basically doing the same thing that we have been doing. The court has placed youth for the last several years, so it’s doing the same business, just being reimbursed for it," added Carder.

The Juvenile Court also is looking to replace out-dated court recording equipment; an expense that could cost up to $17,000.
The County Commissioners are looking to ask the County Court for funding from its special projects fund to cover the cost.