Karl Kappes Exhibition

by Kelly Choate on January 7, 2012 at 5:04 am

The Zanesville Museum of Art is featuring the work of a Zanesville native.

Karl Kappes taught three generations of Ohio artists and served as Head of the Art Department at Zanesville’s Weller Pottery.  Museum Director Susan Talbot-Stanaway said Kappes was a realist, and his paintings depicted Ohio landscapes and portraits of Ohioans.

"We have everything from drawings with graphite that are done in the dark Munich style with a dark background, focusing the light on the front of the face, wonderful characterizations," said Talbot-Stanaway.  "As time goes on, his style gets a little more colorful, and you can tell there was some influence by what was happening in Europe."

Kappes trained in Munich and Paris, but he stayed true to his roots in southeastern Ohio.

"He maintained a studio here, he had friends and family here, and at the end of his life, two years after his death, his sister donated 35 paintings to what was then the Zanesville Art Institute, which was the birth of the collection," said Talbot-Stanaway.  "The exhibition, however, includes works from collectors all over the state."

The exhibition closes on January 28th.  For more information, you can visit www.zanesvilleart.org.