New Manager of Secrest, Now on the Job

by Danielle Cotterman on January 12, 2012 at 12:40 pm

The New Manager Of Secrest Auditorium In Zanesville Is Now On The Job.

As of January First, Anne Combs replaced John Kunkel as Manager. Combs is not new to Secrest, she served as Marketing Director since 2008 and already has plans in place.

"My first goal is to partner with area promoters and area agencies to see that this building is utilized to its fullest capacity," said Combs."We have a wonderful asset in our community, but we need to make sure it’s used as often and as much as it possibly can be."

In the past Secrest Auditorium has been criticized for it’s lack of revenue. Combs said the solution is to partner with area agencies and further promotions.

"We do understand that this is an asset but it is also a public service that we need to provide as part of the city," said Combs. "As far as budgeting dollars we realize that we’re certainly not at the top of the priority list,  that’s why it’s very important to manage our dollars to the best we possibly can to continue to provide services but to do so fiscally responsibly."

Combs said she’ll continue to work to meet the community’s expectations and welcomes input.

To contact her, call 74-454-6851 or email her at